Welcome to Kryptunes, my Side-Hustle to conquer Technology!!

I am a Technology Product consultant who is exploring Technology since 1999 !! Its been my Life's Goal. Kryptunes is actually my side-hustle to understand bits & bytes of the Internet. As I have worked as a Product Manager for many years in Multi-million dollar projects, I feel an urge to share my experiences with upcoming product managers or other Tech enthusiasts. In this journey, I tried to help startups to manage their Projects. I am equipped with an infinite thirst of Curiosity and learning. These learnings are my Side Projects to rise as a Tech consultant from Web developer, Telecom Engineer, Product Manager to Business Analyst!!

Hi, I'm Khalid Hossain

#What is Kryptunes ?
Kryptunes is actually a Made up term. It's a mixture of my name (K for Khalid) and Cryptography (as I was a hacktivist) and Tunes (Rythm of Technologies) 🙂 Actually, I started Kryptunes as a Startup with a friend and two of my students. We tried to hack Digital marketing space with consultancies and later, we took separate paths in life.
#Why is it Important?
Actually, Its a very enlighting journey for me. As, I started exploring Technology from a country, which was very backwards and still developing. But, my passion for the Internet led me to explore Startups Ideas, New Trends and Technologies. When I explored something, I do some research and find gaps. In fact, I helped others in building their Businesses with my findings.
#How can I help you?
Well, I will be exploring many Tech Trends, News or Geo-Politics issues. Apart from my free consultations, my journal can help you to get another perspective of these issues. So, you can read my blog posts and share your feedback. Right, now I am exploring Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Khalid's Skills

Project Management - 10 years 80%
Telecommunications - 8 years 70%
Programming - Python, Php, SQL, Java 50%
Software as a Service (SAAS) - 2 years 20%
Product Management - IT/Telco 80%
Business Analysis - 3 years 30%
Web Development (Side Hustle ) - 6 years 80%
Digital Marketing ( Side Hustle ) - 6 years 80%
Data Science (ML,Visualisation, Analysis) 57%

Short Journey of my Venture

I started Kryptunes as a Company
20 Projects
I recruited people and completed several Projects in Web development & Digital marketing
30 Projects in Software Development
We started developing software development in PHP Frameworks. We developed projects in HRM , ERP.
Business Dieversifcations
We formed another venture to Tackle Large Projects. We started delivering to International Clients.
More Focus in Innovation
We took some critical decisions for shifting focus to Startups. We also started working in more Innovative Projects.
Redesigned Business Goals
We started funding several side projects in e-commerce & Analytics.
Redefined Goal
I deciced to Keep Keryutnes Brand name as my Tech Journal

Side Projects under Kryptunes

Me in Infographic

Me in Infographic


I really love visual Storytelling. I think ADIOMA is an undisputed leader in cloud based Infographics maker. Though their price…

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