To ask for help at the right time shows great managerial competency.

A strong company may not need a business analyst’s help, but a stronger one recognizes when the time has come to call in a Business Analyst’s help before it becomes too late to repair the irrevocable damage.The position of a proficient analyst is to go over all legal, sales, and management documents and determine what areas within your company need or require improvement to boost sales, team goals, or whatever the company’s mission is at that point.

Most would consider this line of thinking Inside the box, but pride keeps many from reaching out and getting help, which is why getting in touch with a business analyst might be thinking Outside of the box for many business managers; they see it as a failure too as for help. To ask for help at the right time shows great managerial competency.

The Business analysts’ defined role is to overlook the entire company and enable and articulate the rationale for the needs of change and the value of them to all of the stakeholders which may include stock members etc.

So, I have summarized the Business Analysis process as the following Diagram and I have used these process in many projects.

Moreover, A business analyst will also be an extra pair of eyes to help a business see where they might be making errors or where they can improve in all areas of business. Business analysts are the most informed individual in the business world; their entire purpose is to be able to analyze the inner workings of every aspect of any company from the mailroom to the CEO. This is what makes them such a valuable asset to a flailing company. They will be able to find where any bug or problem is and be able to come up with a list of possible solutions, some of which may be “out of the box” or seem strange. However, in today’s market, it is the strange techniques with the consumers that have been working the best as studies have been showing.

If your company does not have its own business analyst, they can hire an independent business analyst which will be the best investment they can make. Literally, it may save the life of your company. It can keep your company in business for another 5 years if it is not too late and keep it from having to file for bankruptcy within the next 6 months. That is how important their role is.

Finally, a good business analyst is able to do all of this with compassionate communication skills, which is the key cornerstone for their personalities. Understanding that a company is reaching out to them, means that the analyst needs to be sympathetic and empathetic to the needs of their clients, especially if they are a smaller company. Larger corporations with shareholders may be able to be communicated within a more formal tone, but knowing your audience is essential in this line of business. The best analyst will know this. If your company is in search of a business analyst search for one that follows the above format plus understands how to communicate with their varied audiences.

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